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Alpha Guns 2

Alpha Guns 2
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Alpha Guns 2 pits players against an army that uses modern technology to destroy humanity. You will use your weapons to defeat numerous waves of enemies as well as powerful robots. At the same time, you will have a chance to overcome them with the amount of equipment and weapons you have, and don’t forget to consider the amount of ammo you have.


When enemies attack the city in Alpha Guns 2 and begin attacking other civilians, the story takes place in a completely chaotic setting. So, while the dangerous situation is unfolding, a hero appears, who is the main character you control throughout the level. At the same time, he will destroy enemies of all kinds, from humans to giant machines, using entirely modern weapons.

To have complete control of the character, you will control the character and move in the 2D environment. At the same time, the primary experience in this game is shooting, so you will try to take down as many enemies as possible. Of course, there will be a plethora of weapons at your disposal in this game as you battle a technologically advanced army. There are challenges waiting for players to discover and complete.


In Alpha Guns 2, the player will control the character as they move around the environment, and enemies will appear in front of them. They will use their weapons to attack the powerful enemies ahead, allowing anyone to quickly become acquainted with the mechanics of this game. Furthermore, support items will fall from the sky and assist you in dealing with new enemies, and the number of guns is appealing to players.

There will be various types of guns with their names on them, and the majority of them will be dropped from the sky, requiring you to break the outer shell in order to pick it up. Because this is a fantasy-themed game, some of the weapons are quite impressive. Wide guns, for example, will fire powerful lasers, whereas enemy chasers will allow you to fire missile projectiles that will hit any enemy the character sees.

You will notice that the number of ammo available for these weapons is limited. The amount of ammo will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, and only the pistol you start with has unlimited ammo. As a result, the weapon items you obtain will have two main functions: exchange for new weapons or reload for duplicate weapons. When using and exchanging guns correctly, it will be the factor that helps you overcome many challenges with massive enemies.


The weapons you pick up in Alpha Guns 2 levels are only temporary, so you must take the time to build a chain of weapons for yourself. Specifically, you will be able to build equipment such as pistols, rifles, melees, and gadgets with your resources to help you start the level confidently and can be used anywhere.

The journey to defeat many powerful enemies with modern weapons will bring you many benefits, including:

  • You will have to deal with an army that is using modern weapons and robots to exterminate humans.
  • You will take part in missions where you will be surrounded by various enemies and will need to use powerful equipment to defeat them.
  • Over time, devices that you can find and pick up will be sent to you in order to continue your journey to destroy the enemy.
  • The robots are so large and powerful that you must be cautious and use your weapons wisely.
  • The number of stages will assist you in gathering resources, crafting weapons, and entering the battle with confidence.

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