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Annihilation Mobile APK v0.0.3.44

Annihilation Mobile APK v0.0.3.44
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Annihilation Mobile is an action-packed zombie survival game. The player’s mission is to survive for as long as possible, while killing zombies in the process. Annihilation Mobile takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humans have been wiped out by a virus and the world has been practically reclaimed by zombies. The player can either play as female protagonist or as a zombie, depending on their preference. The game features multiplayer quests and deathmatch modes that promise endless hours of gameplay experience.

Choose a unique hero and fight against 60 person Battle Royale. Each hero has their own advantage and disadvantage so, it's up to you to utilize them properly. You have a lot of options including -Tons of weapons -Exciting maps -New Emotes -Upgradable skills of heroes -Attractive Skins -Global Esports league The story will .gradually be unveiled as the season goes and you will have a grasp of the Annihilation Universe...
Annihilation Mobile APK v0.0.3.44
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