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B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor
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B612 – Best Free Camera & Photo/Video Editor is a multi-purpose application that includes cameras as well as highly professional editors. Are you looking for an app that includes a camera system for filming or taking photos, as well as editing right there? This will undoubtedly be an application that completely meets your requirements. Furthermore, the application has a slew of new features in store for you.


User service is always prioritized in applications in the movie and image genres. This is a distinct advantage with B612. This application is always striving to provide the best possible experience for its users. Along with that, it is necessary to constantly recognize the shortcomings and necessary needs of users in order to continuously upgrade the application to the best fit.

And, as is customary, many new features have been added to improve the user experience in this application update. One of the most noticeable features is the use of the device’s native camera. As a result, instead of having the option to apply different filters while taking photos or videos, you can now record using the app’s native camera quality. You will also receive 17 new beauty effects as part of this update. In addition, a few minor bugs have been fixed for your convenience.


One of the unique features of this application is that it requires it to be mentioned in its filters. When you first open the application, you will be surprised by the large number of filters that are built right into the application. With a few simple taps on your device’s screen, you can access the application’s best filters. At that point, the selected filter will be immediately added to your photo and video camera. Furthermore, you can eventually create your own unique filters that only you can use within this application.

Furthermore, you will encounter a system of other smart features that your camera can perform with this application. Because of the technician’s advanced customizations, the built-in camera in the application is now more intelligent than the original camera and will undoubtedly provide you with interesting experiences. The augmented reality effects will be displayed directly on your screen via the recorded camera. You must select your preferred effects; the application will know how to make you happy.


You will be able to use other features to support your photos in addition to the unique effects and technology provided by the application. The application’s smart beauty feature is undoubtedly the first to be mentioned. You may want to save selfie photos as soon as possible if your face lacks beautiful makeup layers. You don’t have to worry about makeup with this feature; the intelligent system will support face format and create the best photos.

Furthermore, you will be able to apply all of the application’s smart features to your short videos. Then your video will gain significance and bring you wonderful experiences. Furthermore, you can bring your videos to life by inserting unique music clips from the application. Let’s try to catch a few memorable moments.

It would be fascinating to transform the mobile phone camera into a perfect tool for so many features, wouldn’t it? B612 – Best Free Camera & Photo/Video Editor will be a fantastic all-in-one camera app with a plethora of exciting features built right in. Try downloading and experiencing your own unique photos and videos.

[Create filters]
• Set the desired screen aspect ratio. (1:1, 3:4, and 9:16 supported)
• Create new filters by combining different color filters.
B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor
Download B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor 
B612 APK v11.2.10

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