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Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars
  • Updated
  • Version 42.356
  • Requirements Android 4.3
  • Developer Supercell
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Brawl Stars is a multiplayer action fighting game with a variety of fun game types based on MOBA 3v3 themes and more. It also has a huge and active user base that contributes to the ongoing introduction of new concepts and game modes to diversity gameplay and keep people entertained. Above all, it’s an excellent choice for players who want to engage in violent and exciting combat with their friends in a three-person team.


Brawl Stars’ gameplay emphasizes the brawlers’ ideal tempo and balance, ensuring that every match is a blast. Despite the fact that the game is based on the 3v3 MOBA concept, the game’s excitement and comedy are built up over time or based on the player’s progress. Best of all, that thrill is amplified when players fight alongside friends, resulting in a plethora of unforgettable and heroic moments thanks to explosive combinations.


A highlight is the range of game types, which immerse players in any activity or amusement while interacting with other players in real-time. The developer’s limitless creativity and ideas will provide the most interesting and original game modes or events for every brawler in the future. The content of the game modes will also alter on a regular basis based on the game’s popular rules, opening consumers new opportunities in the reward system and elsewhere.


Brawl Stars is distinctive and appealing due to the Brawler system and its qualities, which allow players to battle in a variety of styles. The talents, range, and battle tempo of each Brawler differ, but everything is balanced, and the optimal performance demands flawless teamwork. Not only that, but the additional game styles will drastically alter the Brawlers’ qualities.


If players want to take things seriously and earn more awards or experience, they can use the ranking mode. That location is full with serious brawlers, yet it still enables team combat, but the difficulty is higher and the regulations are stricter. The player’s ranking development is also divided into many distinct levels, and as they go farther in their profession, they will obtain more incentives.


Brawl Stars has gorgeous 3D graphics that bring fun to the overall game, in addition to the magnificent material and features in the gameplay. The visual effects and talents are also one-of-a-kind, and they alter depending on the costume or skill implementation of each player. Furthermore, the player’s experience is absolute and refreshing, whether they go through endless hard conflicts or fantastic content, thanks to the game’s outstanding graphic element.


Players will be able to construct new levels, which will increase the amount of pleasure for everyone in the community. Fortunately, mastering the map design system is simple and quick. Everyone can refer to or download new levels to play with friends in the game’s separate category. Custom maps, on the other hand, can only be used in practice matches; official matches are completely different.

Because its content is pleasant and straightforward, Brawl Stars is one of the most engaging and exciting MOBA games. It also emphasizes cooperative play, with practically every game option or piece of content allowing players to explore with their friends.


  • – 3v3 Gem Grab: Outsmart the opposing squad. With ten gems, you can win, but you’ll lose them if you get fragged.
  • – Collect Brawler power-ups in Showdown (solo/duo). In the most chaotic combat royale ever, be the last Brawler standing. One for all!
  • – 3v3 Brawl Ball: A new Brawl! Score two goals ahead of the opposition. There are no red cards in this game.
  • – Bounty (3v3): Kill opponents to get stars while avoiding being killed. The winning team is the one with the most stars!
  • – Heist (3v3): Ensure the safety of your squad while attacking your opponents’. The easiest way to get to the enemy’s money is to navigate the map.
  • – Special Events: PvE and PvP game modes that are only available for a limited time.
  • – Championship Challenge: Earn a spot in the Brawl Stars esports tournament!


  • – Take part in 3v3 combat against gamers from all around the world, which are streamed live over the internet.
  • – A rapid and intense multiplayer battle royale mode that is optimized for mobile devices.
  • – You’ll be able to unlock and gather new, powerful Brawlers as you progress through the game, each with their own distinctive attack and Super ability.
  • – New events and game types are added every day in the daily updates.
  • – You can fight by yourself or in a group with your buddies.
  • – On both the global and local levels, you have the chance to reach the top of the leaderboards.
  • – You can join or form your own Club to exchange advice and engage in combat with other players.
  • – You can customize the appearance of your Brawlers by unlocking new skins.
  • – Maps created by gamers provide a unique and tough landscape to explore.

UPDATE 43: THE BIODOME! March/April 2022 ∙ New Chromatic Brawler: Eve (Damage Dealer) is here to conquer! ∙ New Seasonal Game Modes: Wipeout and Payload! ∙ New Maps and updated map rotation! ∙ 19 new Skins ∙ Basket Brawl returns! ∙ Balance Changes and Quality of Life Improvements
Brawl Stars
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