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Bubble Kvass

Bubble Kvass
  • Updated
  • Version 1.1.0
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Ztep GC
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Bubble Kvass is a fighting game with content and gameplay that focuses primarily on pure entertainment, immersing players in a plethora of feelings of excitement and joy. It also employs a humorous and lovely graphic quality to sketch characters, as well as animated and non-linear effects. The most notable feature, however, is the online multiplayer mechanism, which allows them to experience the highest quality and ultimate amusement they have never experienced before.


Bubble Kvass’s content focuses on providing entertainment and laughter through innovative and novel fighting game modes, as well as introducing many popular angry Russian memes. Furthermore, while the control mechanism is simple, there are numerous unique combo systems for players to create fighting styles. Above all, its events and daily challenges will encourage players to stay involved in their professional development.


The game’s playable characters have many unusual designs and are out of the box to create more amusing combat elements. They also include various combat systems or built-in combos, giving everyone the reflexes required to counter or beat the opponent to death in style. The system will gradually unlock more new characters based on the player’s progress in the main game mode to keep everyone interested.


The Russians have long been known for their insane action levels, and Bubble Kvass will add more interactive maps to make things even more chaotic. The amusing thing is that each map is based on famous Russian locations, and there will be numerous objects such as bottles, trash cans, chairs, and so on. Anything the player can interact with can be used as a weapon to create the most raucous combos to raise the stakes and make the audience laugh.


The player can gradually unlock more new items to improve the combat performance of the characters based on their battle progress through various progressions. The items are exclusive items like vodka or boxes, typical Russian products to make things more ridiculous. While those items are somewhat unique, players can personalize each character to uncover new combat potentials throughout the gameplay.


The best part about Bubble Kvass is that players can fight to the death in specific matches or game modes that the game frequently hosts on a global scale. In it, the seriousness of each character is elevated to a new level, while more creative game modes are introduced to help people become more adaptable. Of course, the rewards in tournaments are generous and always open up new potential for players in a boxing career.

Bubble Kvass is one of those games that is out of the question due to the ridiculous element of using memes or cursed characters from the global community. Furthermore, the mechanics and systems within it are all innovative and superior to traditional fighting games, ensuring that players are constantly immersed in the most thrilling and exotic entertainment.

MAIN FEATURES – The most chaotic and strange fighting gameplay with fun-filled elements for players to relieve stress or other associated fighting factors.
– Absurd character designs to add to the hilarity while allowing players to learn more about the cursed memes from the Russians.
– One-of-a-kind abilities and action combinations to inspire players’ creativity in order to maximize each character’s performance while performing outrageous actions.
– Outstanding map development enhances the fun of the fighting mechanisms and atmosphere as players grab everything and mercilessly bash the opponent.
– Compete against others in global tournaments and earn generous or high-valued rewards to advance faster in your strange boxer career in the long run.

- Второй сезон Bubble Pass; - Два новых ящика; - Новая редкость бойца; - Новая мини игра, KvassMan; - Новые фоны; - Акция 140 Мега ящиков и гора гемов.
Bubble Kvass
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- unlimited coins (you can adjust the amount) - unlimited gems (you can adjust the amount)
Bubble Kvass (Mod)
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