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Driving Zone 2: Car simulator

Driving Zone 2: Car simulator
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  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer AveCreation
  • Genre Racing
  • Google Play
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Driving Zone 2 is a driving simulation game in which players move along a road full of cars and put their driving skills to the test. They will spend time perfecting your driving skills and customizing a few elements to ensure your satisfaction. Simultaneously, the game will have a distinct point system in comparison to other driving games, and these points will be used to unlock new elements. As a result, this is a game that you will not want to miss.


When you play Driving Zone 2, you will undoubtedly be impressed by the graphics and lengthy road map that you must navigate. You will take your time conquering it, and there will always be specific challenges to overcome. The challenge that appears in front of the players’ eyes is mostly moving vehicles that should not crash and other cars that should not cause them damage. When the vehicle’s health bar is depleted, the game will end immediately.

You will set out on a road with no specific destination in mind, but you will attempt to travel as far as possible. The game’s environment is divided into many different settings, which you will try to unlock by completing achievements and meeting the requirements. Simultaneously, with the day and night mechanics, you will have a variety of driving experiences. Of course, the game allows you to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives.


Driving Zone 2’s interface is so simple that you’ll have no trouble getting started and can jump right into the game. You will avoid destroying your car while traveling an impressive distance. At the same time, you will earn points for correctly passing the cars in front of you. It is necessary to keep a reasonable distance in order to receive points, and the game has a mechanism to notify you when you do so.


As previously stated, you will be able to unlock new roads, which will allow you to open your new cars. You will need to collect two stats: the distance traveled and the number of points earned in each level. The mileage stat is required for entering a new environment, and it will be visible when you select the environment to play in. As the number of distances required increases day by day, so does the level of difficulty.

When you earn enough points by successfully passing a car, you will be able to unlock new vehicles in the game. You can spend a long time looking at the cars you can own in this game. Specifically, when you switch to a new car that has not yet been unlocked, you will be aware of the required number of points as well as the number of issues you currently have. There will be a clear distinction between these two types of points at the start of the game.


When you have enough resources, you can change your cars in Driving Zone 2. Many people appreciate this change for a variety of reasons. Specifically, players will be able to change the appearance of their car, and what’s even better is that you’ll be able to drive a beautiful car on different roads. The performance of the car is also important because it will allow you to drive at high speeds and bypass other vehicles more quickly.

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Driving Zone 2: Car simulator
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