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Ethereum cryptocurrency mining on video cards becomes unprofitable


Mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency is becoming unprofitable. A well-known user in cryptocurrency circles under the nickname ProTON posted the latest statistics on the payback of graphics accelerators when mining cryptocurrency. Judging by the information provided, the payback of the top-end video cards will take more than two years.

Judging by the posted data, Nvidia’s flagships of the RTX 30 line, if purchased at the moment, will be able to pay off in 18-22 months. The GeForce RTX 3060, which costs 99 thousand rubles, will pay for itself only after 17 months of continuous operation. The flagship RTX 3090, with which you can earn 467 rubles a day, needs as much as 22 months to pay for itself.

The main reason for the decrease in mining income is the increase in the cost of video cards and the complication of cryptocurrency mining algorithms. In addition, the Ethereum 2.0 protocol is launched in six months, which can significantly change the dependence of profitability on network capacity. According to experts, these metamorphoses will seriously affect the income of miners, but will positively affect the retail of video cards.

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