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Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck
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Goose Goose Duck is a children’s game where players stand in a circle and say “Goose, goose, goose” while slapping their hands on the other player’s arms. If the player holding your hand says “duck, duck, duck” then everyone switches hands. If you don’t switch to your opponent’s hand in time, then you drop their arm and take two steps backwards. The game is played with one person sitting in the center who holds a bag with the word “goose” written on it. Other players walk around the outside of the circle and each time they pass by they slap their hand onto his or her arm as they say “goose”. The player holding the bag says “duck” and starts to pick up objects from around him.

--- Gameplay --- New Duck Role - It's party time with the new Party Duck New Celebrity Goose Role - Everyone knows when you die New Spectator Mode - Watch other people play after you die New Hang out lounge area. Including a card game. Go from a public lounge to a private game. --- QOL --- Various bug fixes and optimizations. Improved network traffic for lower bandwidth connections Fixed Goose feet animation for other players
Goose Goose Duck
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