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Guild of Heroes MOD APK v1.129.4 (Free shopping/Damage)

Guild of Heroes MOD APK v1.129.4 (Free shopping/Damage)
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Guild of Heroes is an RPG game in which players join a warrior’s journey to regain his strength after a war. You will face a variety of challenges in order to gather the necessary items for the character and determine which class is best for you. At the same time, the game has a flexible class change feature, so you won’t have to worry about picking a class early on.


The Guild of Heroes tells the story of a hero who joins the fight against evil led by a dark mage. You will play another mage against enemies who will appear gradually and try to catch up to your main enemy. At the same time, two good and evil magicians face off in a forest, and you will control the hero against the minions that gradually appear to protect your teammates. Naturally, victory is always in the favor of the good.

The excellent faction’s energy beam repelled and defeated the evil magician. He was destroyed soon after, but not before casting a powerful curse on the hero, and the remaining power flew away. Unfortunately for the hero, his powerful weapon was completely destroyed, and he was almost killed. As a result, his teammates used the power to revive him and encourage him to resume his journey to regain his strength. This is also when the game’s gameplay begins.


The hero you control in the Guild of Heroes is identical to a newbie, so he won’t have any extraordinary abilities aside from the two skills he frequently used previously. He will begin his journey through various lands, fighting enemies and acquiring special equipment and skills. Simultaneously, because it does not require as much control as other RPG titles, the gameplay will be completely accessible.

You will direct your character’s movement by tapping on the screen. At the same time, when an enemy appears, the character will automatically attack, and you can use the Auto Play feature. Furthermore, in some cases, you will need to consider using skills to defeat the enemy, and especially in the levels with the boss, you will be unable to take your gaze away. Each boss will have unique attacks that you must dodge and continue to attack by observing the area of influence.


Your character in Guild of Heroes will not be assigned to a specific class, and the default class that you will encounter in the game is a warrior. When you play this game, you will notice that you can switch between classes by freely changing weapons. When you change an archer’s or mage’s weapon, you’ll notice that the skills they can use change as well. So, at first, it will be an opportunity for you to experiment with which class you think is best for you.

You will be able to collect weapons and skills of varying rarity in one level. Each skill and weapon is color-coded, so you’ll amass an impressive arsenal of skills and weapons over time. Furthermore, you can use diamonds to open equipping chests, but you should avoid doing so in the early game. When you are confident in your abilities, the PVP mode will allow you to test your skills against other players.

◆ In the Racing with the Wind event, you can test your luck again by spinning a rewards wheel. ◆ Catch the crafty goblin in campaign locations to get wheel tokens. ◆ Open 10 Holiday Chests to get the unique Magic Wind Wings. ◆ Buy a Holiday Ticket to get all of the most valuable rewards from the Bard: Enchantment Tomes that enhance your attack, precious resources, treads, an avatar, and boss souls.
Guild of Heroes MOD APK v1.129.4 (Free shopping/Damage)
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