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Hero Hunters

Hero Hunters
  • Updated
  • Version 5.6
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Deca Games
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Hero Hunters provides a high-speed shooting experience over a wide range of distances; players must move the squad closer to the battle position, arrange the position, and begin the match. More than 100 different heroes have been summoned to add to your enjoyment. Many failures will be very valuable in difficult situations when you gather a lot of valuable experience. To provide players with the best entertainment experience possible, the system has been updated with a new character called Spewage and a special event associated with his appearance.


The interface features clear control keys designed by Hero Hunters to assist players in quickly moving and controlling any character. You can precisely see the entire story unfold and grasp the situation by using an innovative 3rd person perspective. Players who concentrate on performance will notice the smoothness in their movements. In real-time, players are asked for the number of members of a specific hero group or game rules.

Global combat has assisted players in becoming acquainted with the modern equipment that will be available. For you, a simple requirement is the appearance of numerous types of guns and heavy weapons with significant damage. A few strategies used when arranging characters are also of interest. These wars can be an exciting learning experience for you, and skill will also play a role in your victory.


Players can collect and build their own squad from a list of hundreds of different Hero Hunters heroes. When you click on their image in the gallery, you will be given important information about their power, weapon type, or basic information. Choose a few of your favorite characters and play as them to experience this incredible high-speed battle.

The conflicted city will be an ideal battleground for dangerous wars to erupt. Many opponents appear at the same time, making your path to hegemony difficult. Gathering a variety of resources, on the other hand, can make it easier to fight them. Resources can be used to upgrade items or characters; as you invest more resources in them, their level will change. Be the sole survivor and bask in your success!


Players will take part in the crowded war created by Hero Hunters as one of the summoned warriors. With more people involved, the atmosphere has become more tense; you must reorganize your plans and strategies to fit the situation. Each team can only field a maximum of five warriors, so you must promote their abilities in such a limited number. Furthermore, invitations to team battles with friends can assist you in forming the ideal alliance layer for this fight. All of the events that take place will offer many prizes to the winners; will you be able to win them?


Hero Hunters has created an exciting environment for players to unwind with a strategic shooting game after a long day at work. Players explore the noisiest cities, learn the untold stories of heroes who have appeared, and live this chaotic life. Every day, you witness numerous confrontations; survival is the reason for the series of dark days to appear. The city will not be able to stop the explosions unless the position of leader is filled. The most special goal is to build a squad, fight vigorously and constantly fight to win the top position on the table.


  • – When the player is given the ability to take on the role of a commander with the ability to develop plans, change strategies, and help them win, the story of the chaotic life in the city of heroes unfolds in a unique way.
  • – Explore the hectic life of the famous gun city; you’ll be an important member of a gang with a voice in the industry. Players must complete whatever task is on the waiting list.
  • – As updates are released, new content is added. The majority of errors in performance and settings will be replaced, and many new characters will appear, along with exciting events and desirable rewards.
  • – A collection of heroes with hundreds of different names is used to build and develop the hero lineup. Players can use their knowledge to understand the combat characteristics and weapon type they will use.
  • – The gunfight space is guaranteed to be of high quality, and there will be exciting international reunions. Friends can invite one another to the battle rooms, or you can start a battle with any stranger who challenges you.

Welcome to the Spewage Update! NEW HERO IS HERE! New 7* Hero! • Spewage: A mastermind, who is fascinated with toxins and different chemical combinations. SPECIAL EVENTS! • Urgent Mission Spewage: Join Spewage as he intrude the UAF territory.
Hero Hunters
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