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Hills of Steel APK v4.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Hills of Steel APK v4.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)
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Hills of Steel is a game in which the player drives his tank and fights various enemies on a hill. To win the match, you will use everything you have, from weapons to boosters, as well as the terrain factors. At the same time, you can interact with other players and see what kind of power and tanks they have. You will then be motivated to unlock different tanks in the game.


When Hills of Steel turns four years old, players will find many exciting elements in the new updated version. From there, you’ll discover new weapons that are completely impressive and will aid you in the various battles you’ll face. The first factor that cannot be overlooked is the ability to obtain legendary tank skins for free. Each skin has eye-catching features that you should not overlook.

Aside from new skins, the game introduces you to an entirely new support booster: the drone. It is a machine that allows you to hit your opponents with pinpoint accuracy. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about controlling it because it will appear and begin locating enemies as soon as you press the button to activate the booster. You will then join it to attack enemies until their tanks explode and you will win, and the drone can only be used once in battle.


You’ll appear on a hill in the Hills of Steel and begin attacking your enemies. Because you’ll be moving in a 2D environment, you’ll only need to worry about the left, right, and attack elements. Also, because this is a hill, there will be a variety of terrains ranging from high to low. Each height will have a different effect on your attack, so you must know how to fire your tank and begin attacking.

This title’s experience is divided into modes such as PVP and PVE. In PVE mode, the player will see a constant stream of enemies appear in front of their eyes. They will be bots ready to set fire to your tank, and you will find a way to defeat these adversaries. Simultaneously, when you reach a certain level, enemies with larger tanks will appear, and they will, of course, be stronger than the enemies you previously encountered.

After you’ve mastered your tank’s firing mechanics, you won’t want to miss out on the PVP levels. You will be able to take on other players, and their tanks will be fully equipped as well, and the outcome of the match will be determined by your skills and strength. At the same time, the number of people participating in the match can vary depending on whether it is a 1vs.1 or a 2vs.2 game. Each genre offers both exciting and challenging experiences.


The tanks and boosters available in Hills of Steel are one feature that will eventually entice players. The types of tanks found in the game, in particular, will require a certain amount of resources to unlock, and they include not only regular tanks but also some with fictional appearances and powers. Furthermore, some boosters will be delivered as cards and will require a corresponding number of pieces to advance to the following levels.

Introducing new feature: Quests! Complete quests daily and claim awesome rewards!
Hills of Steel APK v4.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)
Download Hills of Steel APK v4.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money) 
Unlimited Money
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  • Unlimited Money: You will have much money when open the game.
Hills of Steel APK v4.1.0
Download - 97
Hills of Steel APK v4.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)
Download - 97

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