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Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper
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Sniper assassins’ work and missions are always stressful and require a high level of skill or stamina in a variety of environments. If you want to feel that way, Square Enix’s Hitman Sniper on the mobile platform is an excellent choice. It is a game based on the original version of the same name that was released on other platforms. Nonetheless, its experience and gameplay have been greatly improved, promising players the most refreshing feeling when becoming a professional sniper.


Hitman Sniper will feature Agent 47, a well-known assassin, as well as tons of modern equipment and the ability to assassinate flawlessly in any situation. However, in this game, all missions are completed in a stationary shooting style, which allows players to experience the true pressures of an assassin. As a result, the main weapons in this game are sniper rifles, but each one has its own set of surprises for players to exploit or take advantage of in a variety of missions. Furthermore, the gameplay is simple, but only on a large map, and the main difference is the creative or varied tasks, and the player must achieve the highest score in each challenge.


What stands out in the game is an immersive and realistic environment that allows the player to use a variety of options to perfectly assassinate targets and progress missions. The environment and terrain surrounding the map are the player’s best friend and advantage, as they can use bullet power to break, destroy, eliminate, and conceal a corpse. Not only that, but players can distract the target and cause “accidental” deaths in order to gain more points. Everything in each location constantly provides players with new ways to interact with enemies while researching or creating countless opportunities to eliminate high-value targets.


Many special skills of a professional marksman will be added to Hitman Sniper to help players perform better or destroy targets faster. There are even modern devices that allow users to eliminate targets hidden behind walls or significantly slow time. Nonetheless, skills are permanent, but they have a significant impact on gameplay, and the entire thing is dependent on the additional abilities equipped with each weapon. On the contrary, many special mechanics will be added, such as wall bang and quick reload, allowing the player to become a professional assassin with every small action.


The diversity of weapons, particularly sniper rifles, is the most important and ideal mechanism for players to discover and fully utilize. To receive the individual parts, players must complete the missions flawlessly while meeting all of the criteria. It’s also a great way for players to save money because they only need to craft when they have enough parts. Each unit differs in terms of damage, ammo capacity, and unique abilities, providing players with a plethora of options and tactics for destroying main targets. Furthermore, players can improve their performance by upgrading each weapon, including previous factors and more.


Hitman Sniper will not only focus on the environment or missions, but will also include new game modes for players to unwind or collect special rewards. Each game mode has different missions, but their entertainment or random elements provide a lot of novelty for the player to expand or make things more vibrant. Not content with that, players can compete against other players in special modes, achieving maximum scores with all abilities or weapons they believe in.


Square Enix has always been known for its rendering abilities in many games, and this little game does not disappoint. Everything in the environments and maps is built realistically, and they all have realistic physics to enhance the player experience. Everything related to visuals and graphics, on the other hand, is optimized smoothly and perfectly, making it easy to use on devices with mid-range or lower configuration. Of course, players can relax and take in all the beautiful, flashy, luxurious, and magnificent views that come with a deep night.

Hitman Sniper’s sense of being a true sniper is always top-notch, and it’s constantly adding new content, such as special weapons for players to collect and more. Furthermore, it has impressive and phenomenal 3D graphics, which easily immerse players in the scenes from many perfect angles of the gunner.

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Hitman Sniper
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