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Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase
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Horizon Chase is a one-of-a-kind homage to the illustrious classic arcade game series of the same name. It now employs a novel 3D graphics engine, allowing everyone to enjoy hours of racing excitement and fun. It also includes a plethora of exciting online racing modes in which everyone can demonstrate their racing prowess or absolute control. Of course, the game will reimagine many iconic or familiar elements from the original game with fascinating enhancements made possible by next-generation 3D graphics.


Horizon Chase has been around since the arcade generation but has now been refreshed with a state-of-the-art graphics engine. As a result, all gameplay content is a perfect blend of classic and modern elements, diversifying the player’s experience. Many legendary vehicles will also be added to the system, introducing more innovative racing modes that have never been fully introduced in the main gameplay.


Despite the fact that the game employs a cutting-edge 3D graphics engine, the visual quality retains a distinct retro feel. Furthermore, when combined with detailed and meticulous vehicle designs, the environment, objects, and sky all take on a distinct color, evoking nostalgia. The general graphics and visual effects are also vibrant and alive, eliciting a wide range of complex emotions in players through its art.


Horizon Chase now includes retro and classic game modes, as well as a variety of creative and hilarious race modes for players to enjoy with their friends. What’s great about it is that it integrates with the first-person control system to elevate the player’s experience, regardless of how simple the content or style is. Furthermore, the game modes will alter the vehicle type required to experience new racing styles.


The variety of vehicles is also a welcome addition, providing players with more opportunities to drive their favorite vehicles. However, the vehicles can only compete in compatible racing modes, and they have varying levels of performance while providing the sensations associated with vehicle collections. Of course, players can change the appearance of many cars to reflect their favorite style or design.


Horizon Chase allows players to invite friends to optional races, where the fun is greatly increased. They can dramatically change the game’s rules thanks to the freedom of customization, whether playing in a traditional or hybrid style, a combination of many modes. Of course, the rewards for participating in closed races are decided by the players, and they are also an appropriate choice if they want to solve all problems through racing.


Tournaments are great places or opportunities for players who are tired of the default races in their careers. The races in it are frequently very serious, and many factors determine each player’s starting position in order to achieve the best balance for everyone. Above all, the rewards for those activities are consistently generous and plentiful, allowing players to upgrade all of their vehicles.

Horizon Chase’s graphics are similar to those of retro games, but its gameplay and racing modes are unique and entertaining. It also includes more fun options for players to create closed races with friends to spend countless great moments together regardless of the type of car they are racing in.


  • – Barry Leitch, a well-known arcade racing game composer, has contributed to Horizon Chase. His lovely melodies will enchant you and increase your creative happiness.
  • – The Ayrton Senna Expansion Pack expands the game with new cars, courses, and features.
  • – Horizon Chase is a global competition. In each new cup, you’ll face the sun, rain, snow, volcanic ash, and even sandstorms. Each song is accompanied by stunning global postcards.
  • – Horizon Chase retains the visual context of the 16-bit generation. Transparency, polygons, and secondary colors all contribute to the game’s visual appeal. The traditional racing spirit of the game on a modern body.

Introducing Daily Challenges! Challenge yourself through four of Horizon Chase's tracks to win special prizes. Every day a new challenge awaits you with a new reward. Daily Challenges will replace Weekly Challenges, and its debut is set to start at March 16th.
Horizon Chase
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  • Unlocked All Cars: All cars in the garage are unlocked. You just need to choose a car you want and join the race.
Horizon Chase – World Tour APK v2.3
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Horizon Chase – World Tour MOD APK v2.3 (Unlocked All Cars)
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