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Love is… in small things

Love is… in small things
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Love is… in the details. is a game that gives players a sense of attraction while teaching them a gentle love story. Players will go through many different events in order, and of course, you must complete the level goal to see the true beauty of that event aside from the black and white beauty. At the same time, the incredible wallpapers and soundtracks will be important factors not to be overlooked.


Players will be able to learn a beautiful love story told through absolutely stunning photographs in Love is… in Small Things. They will relive the many events that have occurred in this couple’s life, and they will add color to these memories to make them more complete. At the same time, the player will face numerous challenges in order to complete the level and will need to scrutinize the image provided in order to find the required object.

Players will see a black and white photo of the game’s main couple, and of course, this black and white photo is completely monotonous and does not impress them. Simultaneously, the player will notice a row of objects at the bottom of the screen and attempt to locate them in the black and white image. When you find a specific object by precisely touching it, the area surrounding that object instantly becomes colored. You’ll be interested in completing this photo after that.


When players encounter Love is… in Small Things, they are motivated to complete photos commemorating the couple’s events. The player will be unable to imagine what the picture will look like once it has been completed. As a result, players will be motivated to complete the task on the game screen, and the information related to the photo will appear quickly, and players will continue to progress through the game.

Aside from the main couple’s interesting events, players will gradually unlock many other interesting resources in the game. Specifically, players will find a list of high-quality wallpapers that they will want to download to their device. When learning the beauty of love, players are soothed by beautiful music. This is an experience that every player should have.

Following a touching love story will impress players:

  • In this game, players will experience a variety of love events involving couples with compelling stories.
  • Players must complete the missions of each level in order to proceed to the next event and witness its true beauty.
  • An interesting point to consider when looking for the required item is to help an area’s color and make the black and white event more visually appealing.
  • The gameplay is simple, but it creates an attraction that drives players to complete missions in order to unlock new elements.
  • Aside from love events, there are wallpapers and soundtracks waiting for players to unlock in this game.

Emotional healing hidden object game that warms your heart by looking at it
Love is… in small things
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