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5/5 - (1 vote)

Lovelink – Chapters of Love is a romantic love game app suitable for people of all ages. In this game, you will be able to meet a lot of new people and role-play as a variety of characters. Not only that, but you also get to meet a lot of great people and find the true love of your life. Do not pass up this game if you want to be entertained or create a happier mood.


Players will be able to role-play any character they want in Lovelink™. In the game’s compelling circumstances, you will have the opportunity to meet, get acquainted with, and chat with many friends or even your lover. A romantic atmosphere is created. You will experience true love. Furthermore, there are over 85 different characters, each with their own personality and characteristics, so you will have a plethora of exciting options to experience and explore.


When you use LovelinkTM, you will improve your communication skills and be able to converse with strangers. Furthermore, if your conversation is a never-ending match. Your partners will always use examples to make things difficult for you. Of course, you must also demonstrate your communication skills, as well as know how to respond and behave appropriately. In either case, you can easily and quickly defeat them. You can gain a better understanding of your opponent’s personality through games like this.


LovelinkTM has provided players with an exceptionally good interface. From the hair to the face, the characters are drawn very realistically. They all have stunning features that entice viewers. Furthermore, when it comes to love and life, their lifestyles and ways of thinking are extremely diverse. Most importantly, they want to start a serious love relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Each of the characters will live their own lives and have their own romantic love stories to tell.


Before you can access Lovelink, you must first log in to your account. In this game, you can collect some of your most beautiful and unique photos. You can express your emotions, for example, by using sad or angry symbols. Every interaction you have with your audience determines whether or not they like you. If you both like each other and have a positive impression of each other, you can continue to get to know each other and date each other.


You have the right to join this fun game regardless of your age if you are looking for love. Because of the modern features that this game provides, players will be able to experience a variety of love stories that are full of love and attraction. They will have gained experience loving someone, knowing how to properly pamper and care for their lover, and always bringing joy and confidence to them in life. Trust us and try to join the game to learn a lot of new things. You will, indeed, learn a lot of valuable lessons.

- WARDROBE REFRESH: Unlock and collect new clothing and style options in your Wardrobe! - NEW MATCHES: Celebrate Spring with a new romance! - FAVORITES RETURNING: Check back daily - you never know who'll be online to chat with! - Additional bug fixes and polish.
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Save Many Gems/Photos Unlocked
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• Mod Menu – Photos Unlocked • Save Many Gems – All chat pictures immediately viewable for free/save a lot of gems • Don’t click on the picture otherwise, your gem get taken away • Save Many Gems/Photos Unlocked
Lovelink 2.0.53 MOD APK
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Lovelink 1.10.4 MOD APK
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Lovelink 1.10.3 MOD APK
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Lovelink 1.9.4 MOD APK
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Lovelink 2.0.53 NORMAL APK
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