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Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG

Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG
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Merge Duck 2 allows players to command a mighty army of ducks and devise battle strategies for each encounter. By summoning the duck warrior and getting ready to fight, all game players will come together to form a team battle. Each player can have over 60 options for these battle positions, but you must pay for them. The journey to conquer the treasure chest will be built on your achievements and skills gained while fighting in the wars.


The duck warriors will be arranged in a Merge Duck 2 common list, and all of their information will be displayed for players to reference. The system displays their ability stats and inner strength as well as their names and origins. We’ve organized a new event to celebrate the addition to this perfect collection. The puzzle pieces discovered during the event will assist the player in completing and unlocking the picture of Tendou. When the player owns Tendou, new adventures will begin. In it, the cosmic black hole destination becomes one of the game’s next arenas.


The fiercest battles between two squads of duck warriors will define the player’s journey through Merge Duck 2. They all have outstanding members. Each player can select up to five warriors for each battle, and your selections will influence the contest’s outcome. We assist you in categorizing each warrior’s abilities into four main skills. Additional options, such as energy cards, will help you improve your skills quickly for the best performance. The general map will mark the arenas you’ve passed through to help players see their journey as clearly as possible.


Merge Duck 2 creates opportunities for players to improve their squad and acquire the best members. With each successful round, players can receive new characters or accumulate bonuses to unlock them. Furthermore, the system creates a one-of-a-kind treasure chest for you to conquer. The entire story of the brave duck warriors’ world will strengthen your activity in this world of power, and achievements on the leaderboard will assist players in proving it.


  • Players join the achievement improvement campaign with many other players to conquer the map’s only treasure.
  • Your newfound experience with a powerful army, complete with duck warriors and free changes information.
  • As you continue to buy or upgrade team members, improve weapons, and improve individual abilities, you will have more options.
  • Achievements in matches will be tallied and ranked on the global leaderboard.
  • The battles will help players improve their fighting abilities and quickly win the map’s only chest.

Bug fixes and improvements.

92 (1.11.3)
Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG
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Merge Duck 2 APK v1.11.3 + MOD (Defense, One Hit, God Mod)
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