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My Talking Angela APK v5.8.0.2914 (MOD Unlimited Money)

My Talking Angela APK v5.8.0.2914 (MOD Unlimited Money)
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My Talking Angela, a virtual pet care game, is no longer too strange for players, but it still has its appealing new elements. Players can take part in ongoing events for a set period of time and spend time collecting new items. Furthermore, caring for a beautiful cat will provide you with hours of gentle and unforgettable entertainment. Don’t forget to try the addictive minigames that are waiting for you.


The current season is summer, and everyone is spending their free time doing things they enjoy. That also appears in this game as you accompany your lovely cat through a variety of exciting activities. You can specifically experience many things, such as wearing summer-appropriate clothing or playing unique minigames that provide a fantastic but equally challenging experience.


When players begin My Talking Angela, they will enter an awe-inspiring world that anyone will find appealing. Simultaneously, when a trolley is brought, the character you are caring for will appear. Players will see a cat with a stunning white coat and the words that can melt any heart, “Pet me please.”

Soon, you’ll be able to experience the game’s mechanics and activities. When you can do it by touching, swiping, or dragging, the operations in this game are simple. So you’ll see Angela’s problems in squares with specific symbols corresponding to the operations you’ll need to perform with this character. Furthermore, the color of the square and the corresponding index can be used to determine the character’s mood.


If your cat has a problem, you must take the appropriate action. So you will devote time to caring for it and providing it with various exciting things to make it more beautiful. When you’re in the playroom, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with Angela. Specifically, the fact that you delicately touch the character will bring the character a sense of comfort and joy; by performing consecutive activities, you will open up new opportunities.

The first care sessions can be thought of as a tutorial game, and you will take the time to look after them and respond to them on time. If she wants to eat, provide her with foods she enjoys. Also, you will not allow your cat’s white coat to turn black, and you will need to take her to the bathroom right away. You can also let Angela dance to her own music and sleep whenever she feels like it.


Another reason, aside from always keeping Angela in a good and beautiful mood in front of the player, is that you will receive a certain amount of experience to level up. Leveling up will always be a necessary factor that you must consider, and when you level up, a leveling system will appear. There will be a completely unexpected gift box there, corresponding to a new level, and you have no idea what is inside. These are the items that you will need to open.

Some activities can help you earn money and buy items inside My Talking Angela if you take care of and play with your character. These items are extremely diverse, serving a variety of purposes, and one of them will be completely impressive outfits. Angela is a catgirl, so she is always concerned with appearance. So once you’ve unlocked them and have enough money to pay for them, you can buy whatever you want.


In addition to the daily activities available with Angela, players will discover a one-of-a-kind system of minigames in which they will spend time attempting to achieve high scores. You can then earn more coins based on your performance in the game. You will not be bored when many games are gathered in My Talking Angela, and you may become interested in specific gameplay at times.

When these minigames aren’t confined to a single type of gameplay, they’re incredibly impressive. You can, for example, play puzzle levels in which you connect elements of the same color to make them disappear. In addition, the classic ball shooting game with simple gameplay and an addictive interface will appear before your eyes. Because a new game appears through many versions or events, the number of these minigames is not fixed.

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My Talking Angela APK v5.8.0.2914 (MOD Unlimited Money)
Download My Talking Angela APK v5.8.0.2914 (MOD Unlimited Money) 
Unlimited Money
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  • Unlimited Money: With the number of money & diamonds available in MOD APK version of the game, you can shop comfortably. Now, money is no longer your worry. However, you still need to reach the required level to buy some special clothing.

Why should you use the MOD version?

The purpose of most people who play this game is to raise cats until adulthood and buy expensive decorative items. You can buy the dresses of Princess Elsa or an alien outfit for Angela. However, the money in the game is quite hard to earn. It will take a lot of time to buy unique outfits or decorations. We can help you. You don’t see the money when using the MOD version? Do not worried. You will get a lot of money after buying something in the store.
My Talking Angela APKs v5.8.0.2914
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My Talking Angela APK v5.8.0.2914 (MOD Unlimited Money)
Download - 119


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