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Netflix and Take-To are going to expand the BioShock franchise


Netflix is working on several adaptations of popular video games. The streaming giant is now teaming up with Take-To Interactive and 2K to produce films based on the iconic BioShock series.

The start of work on the tapes was decided from the documentation which Netflix acquired the rights to film adaptations of BioShock and another GRIS game. Now the project is at the stage of pre-production – there is a search for scriptwriters, directors and casting for the roles. There are many ideas, but they need to be put together in a story line that will appeal to all ages. There is not yet any information about the beginning of the filming process and the release of the film.

It’s also unclear if characters and locations from the original games will be introduced into the story. In its announcement Netflix included a frame with Big Daddy and Little Sister, which gives reason to hope for their participation in the story.

Take-To is developing a fourth part of BioShock. Since 2019, the studio has been working on a sequel to the game. The plot is reportedly unfolding in a fictional city in Antarctica in the 60s of last century.

Information about the film adaptation of the BioShock franchise in recent years appears not for the first time. Previously, Universal owned the rights to the film version of the series, and it was developed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean: Not all pirates are ruthless, but most are. They pillage and plunder ships at sea. At World’s End – 2007), but the project was delayed until 2010.

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