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Phantom of Opera

Phantom of Opera
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Phantom of the Opera will be a game that will provide its players with new experiences. If you are a fan of literature or art, you have undoubtedly heard of “The Phantom of the Opera.” With this game, you will be able to experience these thrilling stories from a new angle.


Something special is required for a game inspired by and set in a once-popular piece of art. However, the game designer has a unique perspective on the plot. With a work of a lifetime, the games must convey the story, as well as the best content that the previous work has ever had.

As a result, when players visit Phantom of Opera – Mystery Visual Novel, Thriller will notice an obvious familiarity stemming from the narrated story. This also allows the game to send messages to people who are unfamiliar with it or have never heard of it. Players will now be able to experience great emotional stories by exploring the opera house and feeling everything in it.


But it is not because the game tells a well-known and familiar story that it will be boring. The adventure game is built and developed around the main theme’s extremely mysterious and fascinating stories. As a result, players will be able to fully experience Phantom of the Opera – Mystery Visual Novel, Thriller by discovering stories or mysteries that they have not yet solved.

Aside from creating dramatic adventure gameplay, the games also provide their players with a reasonable challenge system. The game’s tasks will assist players in paying attention and controlling their play progress in a very reasonable manner. The creators have included 102 footnotes for you to read during your adventures. The more you play, the better you’ll understand the story, earn more footnotes, and receive special rewards.


Finally, graphics will be required for a game developed in a narrative style to function properly. Beautiful graphics can definitely give its players an excellent feeling, and the adventure perfectly follows the story. Recognizing the importance of graphics to their players, the producer is also very focused on creating with care.

The re-imagining of well-known characters will be one of the game’s most successful graphical points. Furthermore, these characters will be placed in an opera theater setting, similar to the plays that have been performed numerous times. As a result, all of the stories or emotions of the characters in this game can be presented to you in a beautiful, true, and appealing manner.


  • A game in the adventure genre with a novel plot and dramatic stories.
  • The plot is based on the artwork “The Phantom of the Opera,” which is extremely popular.
  • The game’s gameplay is determined by the adventure style, and players will feel free to find the answers for themselves in the game.
  • Interesting challenge system with 102 footnotes ready to collect and deliver rewards.
  • The game’s graphics are designed in a classic style to accurately describe and match the game.

Fixed issue where certain UI characters were invisible
Phantom of Opera
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