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Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike
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Pixel Combat is filled with vibrant attacks and aggressive zombie monsters. The top-tier gunplay in this city will undoubtedly impress players. When the zombies attack the city, they are aggressive and exhibit strange behavior. And now they will pay for their actions in this happy land. You will be the most powerful player in this game; get up and expose that abomination. Use every weapon you have to fight them all.


People in the city live in peace and strive to make a better life for themselves. The breakdown of the time machine, on the other hand, unexpectedly brought the evil zombies back to the city. The people were completely perplexed by the destruction and progress they saw. More specifically, the city is in desperate need of a leader who is both capable and brave enough to fight.

They are elements that grow in number over time, so we must mobilize forces to deal with them. The only way to kill those living ghosts is to attack them with guns. They are bloodthirsty, and they will go to any length to attack us. However, we have prepared all of the weapons, support equipment, and powerful forces to participate in the Pixel Combat battle.


We must now mobilize all of the city’s forces and citizens to fight alongside you. The game will equip each player with a modern gun capable of continuous bombardment, allowing them to withstand the powerful wave. Teamwork is one of the most important rules in Pixel Combat. The ability of the people to use guns, you must guide enthusiastically to build the army’s strength.

Check out all of the city’s alleys to get the full picture. The game provides you with exciting maps that can help you locate evil zombies. Our army will be represented by green streaks, while the zombies will be represented by red streaks. Please stay on the map and follow the tracks, entering each house to shoot them. Use extra sensitivity to detect zombies in your vicinity.


Players must prepare a reloading stance in order to fight all of the zombies. To be more specific, they must be able to aim and shoot at all ranges in order to create a passive position for themselves. Drive them to the same wall and engage in intense gunfights. The bloody shooting phases of Pixel Combat will leave you speechless with your skill. How many objects can you shoot at once? There will be a game of tracking and marking.

To quickly restore the Pixel Combat’s time machine, you must fight fiercely while also searching for nearby treasures. Complete special quests to obtain the one-of-a-kind universal key. Shoot those who are attempting to obstruct your path and force them to track you down. You will safely return to a happy life, especially once the time machine is restored.

  • – Combine your efforts with the people of the city to form a formidable collective force.
  • – In the event of unforeseen circumstances, use stealth tactics.
  • – Use the maps that will help you track down the zombies right away.
  • – To destroy all enemies, fire a powerful shot at them all.
  • – Return to a happy life by successfully restoring the time machine.
  • – Develop all of your modern shooting abilities to create one-of-a-kind abilities.

There are no new features in this update — all efforts have been devoted to bug fixes and technical improvements.
Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike
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