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Raft Survival

Raft Survival
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Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad – Simulator is a game that recreates your magical survival in the vast ocean. It appears that an incident has left you adrift in the middle of the sea. You can only find ways to survive and return to civilization now. Make the most of the remaining materials and find a way to save yourself by using your own intelligence and courage.


Many new features await players in the most recent update to Raft Survival. The quest system has been updated with a slew of new and appealing rewards. Along with the graphics system, the game’s interface is edited based on the majority of players’ feedback. Trader Joe, a new character, is also stranded at sea. Additionally, some new islands, sharks, and aircraft parts have been added to this version.


During your survival, you will almost certainly have to rely on yourself. You must use all of the available materials to improve your improvised raft even further. What gets you through the toughest times is probably just a few boxes of relief goods floating in the middle of the sea. There are a few small pieces of wood, some living tools, and sometimes even some food or rudimentary weapons in these drifting crates to help you survive. Cherish and take advantage of them all because not everything is free.


You will survive and live on a small boat in Raft Survival, but you can also use the supplies you collect to upgrade that boat. First, concentrate on fortifying the boat in order to become stronger, as well as creating a safe haven for yourself. Then gather and expand the area of the boat, as well as construct some important facilities such as an armory, food storage, and so on, to improve your life.


Life at sea requires you to not only find a way to survive nature’s assaults, but also to fight ferocious sea creatures such as sharks. Upgrade your rudimentary weapons and armor to be more advanced in order to easily defend against sharks. Of course, you can also use weapons to hunt down more sea creatures for food.


You appear to be not alone here, but there are many people lost in the sea just like you; find a way to find them and rely on one another. Finding and matching with friends will improve your survival chances. To make the process of survival easier, these people exchange weapons, materials, and food. Protect them from the shark attack if at all possible.


You can have exciting adventures at sea in addition to focusing on survival. Raft Survival is a game that recreates an incredibly realistic ocean with mysterious, unexplored islands. Take command of your boat if you want to be the first to visit these islands. If you’re lucky, you’ll also come across a lot of relief boxes from crashed planes, as well as great treasures buried here.

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Raft Survival
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