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Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.18.0

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.18.0
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Shadow Fight 2 has an extremely ferocious action war going on that you can visit and explore. This place is teeming with bosses looking to occupy your territory and take your life. When faced with the threat of life and honor, you are forced to mobilize forces and sharpen the most advanced weapon system. They are the appropriate hand for you to use in this one-on-one battle.


Shadow, a powerful warrior, defied his family’s traditions by opening the Gates of Shadows. He realized he had made a mistake, but it was too late. Shadow fades away as the Demons trapped within the Gates are freed. Shadow must defeat all demons and obtain their Demon Seals if he is to close the Gates of Shadows and keep the darkness at bay. Shadow encounters many allies who assist him in his goal, as well as opponents who challenge him to a fight.

After closing the Gates, Shadow is enticed into something far more heinous as his friend May is taken in. The Gates of Shadows are reopened by Shadow, revealing them to be a portal to another dimension. Titan is now preparing to launch an attack on Shadow’s world with his super-strong cyborg alien army. Only Shadow has the ability to stop him.


Shadow Fight 2 entices players with its content, appealing and meaningful plot, and animated image system. The game recreates the most realistic atmosphere on the battlefield thanks to the use of completely new animation technology. You have the impression that you are immersed in the best scenes of a well-known action film. This is what keeps the player going until the end.


Shadow Fight 2’s most recent update introduces a new event called Summer. They are hoping for a war to break out between you and someone who wants to destroy the world with the sun. That person intends and aspires to turn this place into a raging desert. When summer comes to an end, prepare to welcome cool autumn, but the sun refuses to leave, and the world leaves that fiery embrace. Will you be able to defeat them and save the world?


Not only that, but you can also own one-of-a-kind coins. They are unique in that you must complete missions as well as win important event raids. The larger the event, the more money you will receive; however, the danger will be closer. As a result, be cautious and select events that are appropriate for the number of weapons you own! You will spend that coin on valuable items, adding to your one-of-a-kind collection.


It is impossible not to mention the equipment that Shadow Fight 2 has provided you with as it effectively supports you in intense battles. To begin with, there are numerous high-damage weapons such as epic swords, nunchaku, and so on. Not to mention that, in addition to attacking enemies, you must defend yourself against their attacks. As a result, rare armor sets were created and worn by heroes on the battlefields.


Your trump card is a series of magical martial arts appearances at the end. Thousands of monsters and ghosts had to fall with extraordinary magical power, and the body vanished, leaving no trace on the earth. These scenes are like reenacting a sci-fi movie alongside swordplay scenes to create unforgettable experiences.


Shadow Fight 2 is known as an underworld with a series of worlds to explore. In this action war, you are now immersed in 6 worlds full of demons. You will discover and solve everything in order to compete with your friends in the extremely dark and frightening boss war. Throughout the journey, you will gain new weapons, new friends, and the amount of blood you receive will increase. It’s a jam-packed, adrenaline-pumping combat RPG with an immersive, engaging storyline.


  • – Immerse yourself in spectacular battle scenes, which are depicted in astonishingly realistic realism thanks to an entirely new animation technique.
  • – You can wreak havoc on your opponents with deliciously simple controls thanks to a brand-new combat interface designed specifically for touchscreen devices.
  • – Ascend to the “Underworld” and join forces with your friends to take on terrifying monsters!
  • – You’ll travel through six distinct worlds full of terrifying demons and battle your way through them in this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with a rich and interesting plot.
  • – Customize your fighter’s weapons and abilities by purchasing legendary swords, nunchacku, armor sets, magical powers, and other store items.

* The Lunar New Year and the Son of Heaven are already here! * Win the first places in raids and collect all the items! * Bug fixes * Optimization
Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.18.0
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Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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