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Shadow Knight APK v1.14.2 (MOD God Mode)

Shadow Knight APK v1.14.2 (MOD God Mode)
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Shadow Knight is based on a fantasy plot about a happy land plagued by a terrifying curse that spirals out of control, resulting in cruel wars between various forces. A chaotic situation necessitates the assistance of someone, and the chosen one is you – the knight of justice. Incarnate and fight your way through waves of enemies, conquering new levels with increasing difficulty. Are you capable of saving the world? Take up the quest and finish it today!


This is the world of Harmonia, and it is where Shadow Knight takes place. Based on the old platform and the positive user feedback, we’ve worked hard to perfect it and return with an update that doesn’t get any better. In the campaign stages, a new character named Kazetsu appears, accompanied by a magical feature. Not content with the success of season one, Battle Pass has now launched season two, which promises not to disappoint. When the store adds Night Devil skins and Premium Chests that replace other ads, you’ll have even more options. The updated version has fixed bugs, so play the game now and have fun!


Shadow Knight is completely surrounded by darkness, with very little light, and how do you feel when you enter that world? Play the role of a peacekeeper to win the light of peace and experience the truly bloody and cold way of endless battles. Kill the enemy with the sword of justice, progress through the level, and reach the strongest object. Many different types of terrain, such as mountains, flats, slopes, or a large hole, will require you to master the actions and overcome the terrain while searching for enemies.

The game is full of mystery, adventure, darkness, and battles that will captivate you. Immerse yourself in it and enjoy. Whether it’s in the jungle, the sea, or the city, I believe you’ll be the most powerful warrior. Clear the monsters and zombies to make your way to the bosses of each power source!


Each battle in Shadow Knight is followed by a quest, and upon completion of that mission, you will receive mysterious rewards. Don’t worry, there are many missions to choose from, and they are updated on a daily basis; your job is to destroy and earn achievements. Gems, energy, and keys to unlock treasures await your conquest!

Your character’s equipment is kept in the bag, and you can replenish it by visiting the shop. Collect valuable items, rare weapons, and use equipment to upgrade, becoming absolutely powerful and the fastest to defeat the enemy. Don’t worry, your knight is still in intensive training during your absence, and your return will be greeted by a powerful horseman!


Shadow Knight entices players from the start by introducing them to a new fantasy world filled with intriguing and mysterious stories about the land of Harmonia. Equip weapons, practice skills, and battle to defeat the oncoming foe. Be an elite warrior who spreads the same light and happiness that you did before. For a better experience, share and play with your friends, and don’t forget to leave a review!


  • There are a lot of tasks to complete; complete them all to reap the most benefits. And there are always more than 100 things to do.
  • Completing missions for rewards such as gems, energy, keys, and so on!
  • Your soldiers will continue to train and gather resources while you are away. Returning with new levels and abilities will strengthen them. Create a powerful ninja squad and prepare for battle!
  • Hundreds of weapons, equipment, and runes can be collected to completely customize your fighter. It’s Your Style, Knight!
  • You and your fighter will be involved in a never-ending series of dark fantasy fights. As a master ninja, warrior, or samurai, explore cities, woods, dungeons, and more. Defeat ultimate foes and bosses to become shadow legends!
  • Explore this dark fantasy land with your favorite ninja or combatant. By sprinting, climbing, and leaping, you can discover unique mystery locations!

- Open Battle Pass SS3 - Open Lunar New Year event - LNY new costume - Fix some bugs and optimize game
Shadow Knight APK v1.14.2 (MOD God Mode)
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Shadow Knight APK v1.14.2
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Shadow Knight APK v1.14.2 (MOD God Mode)
Download - 180

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