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Smash Colors 3D: Swing & Dash

Smash Colors 3D: Swing & Dash
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Smash Colors 3D is an excellent music game for passing the time or gently relaxing with vibrant songs. You can also become a composer and a professional musician while playing. Immerse yourself in melodies with vibrant colors, and your instruments are balloons floating in virtual space.


This will be the location where you will create music while overcoming obstacles to complete a complete song. You must first select one of your favorite songs, then press the start button, and the game will transport you to an enclosed space. Your goal is to control a ball in the center of the screen while touching the same rings in front of you to create the melody of a song. Continue in this manner until the song ends, and you will have completed that level.

However, it will not be that easy because the arcs will appear in a variety of colors, and you must bring the ball to touch the arc with its current color. When the song begins, the ball will automatically move forward and rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust the direction as desired. If you let the ball touch a position that is not of the same color, the song will stop and you will lose.


Smash Colors 3D is regarded as a good music player because it contains hundreds of songs that you can play and enjoy at the same time. The producer was very clever in capturing the current tastes and trends of young people in order to include many hot hit songs today. You can see a variety of song titles that have appeared on the current hot songs chart.

Not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality, because there are numerous genres to choose from. The game also includes Pop, Rock N Roll, and Classic music. Not only that, but some singers have recently debuted, as have songs that were popular in the 8x and 9x generations. The amazing thing is that you can listen to those songs normally while also enjoying the extremely vibrant remixes.


Changing your appearance or decorating your character with beautiful costumes is essential in any game because it creates a sense of excitement while playing. Even this game is similar in that you can change the shape of your ball at will using the templates provided in the game. Simply go to the Skins section and you’ll have an excellent ball with a completely different appearance.

To make your balls more colorful, you can use textures and designs like rainbows, or if you like cartoons, you can use superman characters, for example. Many other unique and exciting shapes await your discovery, but in order to obtain them, you must have enough required diamonds, which you can obtain by watching advertisements and then receiving a certain number of diamonds.


  • Hundreds of recent hot hit songs in a variety of genres ranging from Pop to Classical to Rock.
  • The gameplay is simple for beginners but very appealing through each screen.
  • You can decorate your ball with various shapes and textures to make it stand out.
  • The graphics are designed in a 3D style with many vibrant colors that are appropriate for gentle relaxation.
  • Each level’s visual effects are eye-catching and magical, making you feel as if you’re in outer space.

👍We optimized the game experience on some devices.
Tip: 🎵Music Adjustment (Setting Page) will greatly help you match the rhythm.
The music will never end as long as you can follow the rhythm!
Smash Colors 3D: Swing & Dash
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