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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers
  • Updated
  • Version 2.32.0
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer SYBO Games
  • Genre Arcade
  • Google Play
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Subway Surfers is a game that will test your ability to escape indefinitely. This is one of the publisher SYBO Games’ most popular games. Players’ attention and excitement have been drawn to the game by its appealing, intriguing storyline and popular, simple gameplay. Some challenges compel you to overcome barriers on the tracks in your quest to conquer the exit. You can also take advantage of the possibility to acquire precious assets such as gold coins and keys.


You’ll visit several different places and connect with the people that live there. New skateboards will be added in tandem with each new place added to the character system. With the most updated edition, your exciting trip has been placed in Japan, namely Tokyo. You have the option of accompanying two surfers as they attempt to complete the task together.

With Akira, the lovely metropolis of Tokyo will greet you. She is regarded as a surfing prodigy because to her tenacity, determination, and refusal to give up. You will have the opportunity to walk through Tokyo’s streets as planned on the Sakura bulletin board. Not to be outdone, Harumi, a lovely and talented athlete, is the next character you’ll defeat. Your goal is to complete the quest in order to obtain the Meow skin.


Because you will convert into highly mischievous adolescents appropriate for your age when you enter the realm of Subway Surfers, the track becomes your escape route. You specifically sneak into railway cars every day to spray graffiti on them. However, the train inspector soon discovers you. The chase between the inspector and his fearsome dog, as well as you, officially begins from here.


Subway Surfers’ gameplay will be familiar to fans of the endless-running genre. The game can be started simply touching the touch screen. The character for you will seem as prepared as feasible at that moment. Each touch gives you more power over the character. A downward swipe depicts slipping inside the obstruction, while an upward swipe represents your ascension. Furthermore, because the track is not in a straight line, you must continually maneuver and avoid by running left and right.


There are always rotating obstacles on the course that obstruct your escape. The quantity and threat of enemies increases as you progress through the inner rings to higher levels. This encourages players to stay until the very last second in order to conquer as much as possible.

Some barriers are as common as railroad rolling stock. If there is a road on each side, you can dodge left or right in this situation. You’ll be forced to move up on the train and continue running if you don’t. Not only that, but traffic light poles are also employed to test your abilities. It’s not uncommon to come upon barriers in the middle of the road. Players are occasionally lured into dark basements to test their agility and perseverance.


Along with the dense system of obstacles, there are dispersed rewards ready for you to claim. Subway Surfers is also dedicated to providing you with exceptional rescues. The most common is a system in which gold coins are arranged in a long line. Not only that, but keys and shoes are useful aids for you later on, particularly in times of peril, since they will save you a visible goal. Alternatively, there are jet bags, magnets, and bouncers with distinct properties.

These items work together to help you escape the inspector and the dog on your adventure journey. When you have the magnets, you can suck rapidly and efficiently without missing a single gold coin. It has the ability to take you higher and multiply your points in addition to protecting your feet. Not content with that, Subway Surfers allows the character to be launched in order to provide the opportunity to burn with the help of the booster Jumper.

The Daily Challenge and Weekly Hunt are the events that give you the most rewards and items. They’ll continue to happen on a daily and weekly basis so you can get free items, level up, and win the most points in this thrilling race. In addition, you are given 18 various personalities and 17 skis that protect you for 30 seconds, all of which can be purchased forever at the location’s store.

Subway Surfers
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Easy enough for newcomers, but hard enough to challenge experienced gamers. This game is no shortage of challenges, whether you play alone or take part in weekly challenges. To make the game less difficult, you may need our MOD version.
  • Unlimited Money: The two main currencies in the game, Gold Coins and Keys, are provided unlimited as soon as you open the game. Buy what you need for your journey.
  • Unlocked All Characters: Play any character you like.
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