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Zombeast: Zombie Shooter

Zombeast: Zombie Shooter
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Zombeast is a game in which players must go to areas infested with zombies to complete missions and defeat them with their weapons. The zombie population is extremely diverse, with characteristics that force players to select the appropriate weapon. At the same time, the game’s support items are diverse, allowing you to progress through the levels more easily.


When the number of zombies increases and the town becomes chaotic, the world in Zombeast faces a problem. Bloodthirsty zombies of various sizes are chasing the main character, and when he realizes he won’t be returning, he goes to his neighbor’s room. At the same time, he is fortunate that his room has a shotgun, which he can use to eventually defeat any of these zombies that appear in front of him. So now it’s time for him to fight for his life.

You will control the character from the first-person perspective and will have little difficulty doing so. The game screen has a lot of control buttons because you only need to swipe in the left area to control the character and touch the remaining area to attack the enemy. Furthermore, an intriguing feature that any player will appreciate is the game’s auto-aim feature. In other words, your mission is to advance and shoot any enemy in your sights.


In Zombeast, the player will move along a predetermined path, and all that remains is to defeat the required number of zombies. So, armed with a shotgun, you can easily dispatch any zombies you come across. An intriguing feature of this game is the ability to change weapons based on the objects that appear in front of you at all times. Each type of gun has a different effect on different types of zombies.

Those with slim bodies can be taken down with a shotgun, and you’re also aware of their vulnerable physique. If you see a gas tank, shoot at it; the game will prioritize targeting it to deal massive area damage. At the same time, you can use the revolver to continuously attack enemies, which is especially effective against giant zombies that are constantly moving towards you.


In Zombeast, the amount of ammo for each weapon is minimal, and of course, if the level requires you to kill 100 zombies, it will be impossible. As a result, you will be able to see the supply boxes that are scattered around you during the mission. At the same time, with completely distinct colors, you can clearly see them, and they usually have two main functions: reloading weapons or navigating to a new weapon selection.

If you believe that a new weapon would be ideal for you, don’t forget to look for it in the store. You will be able to purchase it with the money you earn in the game, and the number of stars on the right side of the screen will correspond to the number of times you have successfully upgraded it to increase its attack power.

The journey to defeat a swarm of zombies entices players with elements such as:

  • – Players will face a zombie-infested world and face difficult journeys through it.
  • – Each level has a different number of zombies to kill, which you must do with a variety of weapons.
  • – There will be effective support items for attacking multiple zombies at the same time or providing firepower at the right time in the game stage.
  • – Each zombie has unique characteristics that will be constantly updated and effectively dealt with using a gun.
  • – There are numerous weapons to choose from, and you can buy and upgrade them as you progress through the game’s many challenging levels.

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Zombeast: Zombie Shooter
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