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Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari
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Zombie Offroad Safari is an open-world zombie game in which you travel by vehicle and use weapons to defeat dangerous enemies. You are free to go wherever you want and find whatever rewards you want. At the same time, you can accept challenges to earn more diamonds, and you will undoubtedly require new abilities to defeat the boss.


Players will enter a large world of Zombie Offroad Safari, and it will not be safe when confronted with various zombies. At the same time, you will be equipped with a vehicle that will allow you to travel to any location you desire. Your vehicle, in particular, can freely equip various weapons and allow you to use them when destroying enemies. Furthermore, the migration feature is not overly complex for you.

Players will be able to control the character by pressing buttons such as left to right, accelerator, and brake pedal, allowing the car to move at their leisure. At the same time, because this is a game against zombies, the HP bar is an important factor to consider. You should keep in mind that there are numerous ways to attack zombies, but you should only attack zombies if you have a weapon. Furthermore, the game provides a varied open-world experience.


As previously stated, the world of Zombie Offroad Safari is an open world with many elements to explore. In fact, players will be able to drive to various locations of their choosing and search for green diamonds, which are the game’s main currency. Players should also try to explore, and if they are lucky, they will be able to check the flag for impressive rewards.

Aside from the open-world experience, this game features various columns of light and a variety of challenges for players. You may receive requests to kill a certain number of zombies and travel to specific locations. You can also completely use certain terrains to complete the request to jump over the large rings, with the green diamond in the center.

One feature that will appeal to players is the variety of weapons available. You simply need to approach them and they will be automatically equipped on your vehicle. They can only fire a certain number of bullets at the same time, and when they run out of ammunition, they separate. Your job is to keep looking for new weapons to keep your car from bleeding out. Although you can kill enemies by colliding with them, your HP will be reduced as a result.


When players first start playing Zombie Offroad Safari, they will be impressed by a progress bar that appears on the screen and comes with a chest. Chests are typically items that allow you to open a variety of cards, particularly vehicle cards. Furthermore, there are numerous methods for obtaining these chests, such as completing the progress bar or collecting them in the game’s open world. They will, in fact, assist you in discovering new sources of strength.

Players will find vehicle fragments and use resources to improve their stats. At the same time, the game offers 12 different vehicles of various styles that will excite you, and upgrading them will be a long journey. There will be some columns of light scattered throughout the map that lead to boss battles, so be cautious and well prepared before facing this formidable foe.

Players will enter a large world teeming with zombies:

  • – To kill zombies and move freely in the game’s open world, players will drive a vehicle that can be equipped with any weapon.
  • – Many impressive rewards await players in the vast world, and you should not ignore the flags scattered around the map.
  • – Pillars of light will appear and lead you to various challenges such as killing a large number of zombies, jumping over massive rings, and so on.
  • – Players can collect various weapons from the environment and face the terrifying bosses.
  • – Chests are necessary items that can be obtained in a variety of ways, and they provide upgrade cards for the vehicles you own.

- widescreen support - improved car and character camera - new character movement - ingame settings - bugfixes
Zombie Offroad Safari
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